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Welcome to the website of ‘De liefste’ day care


At this moment there is a stop on placement.


On this website you can find a lot of information about our day care in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid. Below we will give you a few good reasons as to why you should choose us:


Why choose De Liefste?

  • Long opening hours from 07.30AM until 18.30PM.

  • Open whole year round, the day care does not close on holidays.

  • A large outdoor space (400 square meters)

  • Experienced and certified staff.

  • Plenty of attention meeting the individual needs of your child.

  • Sufficient parking spaces.

  • In close proximity to the highway (A10) and public transport (Zuid/WTC).

  • Floor heating in all the group rooms.

  • Ventilation systems and carbon dioxide meters in every group space for a healthy air environment.

  • Camera surveillance in every bedroom, group space, front yard as well as by the front door.

  • Healthy warm meals, made by our own professional chef

   •   Airconditioning in every group

We hope to see you at day care De Liefste with our De Liefste children, De Liefste parents and De Liefste group leaders. (De Liefste is translated as kindest.)


Kind regards,


Dave Samson


Kinderdagverblijf de Liefste | Amsterdam oud-zuid


Richard Wagnerstraat 32
1077 VW Amsterdam oud-zuid
t: 020-75 42 66 8 / 06-46996431

Kvknr: 59223294


Or send an email to


In case you have any questions about placing possibilities you can call 06-46996431

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