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Open door policy

Day care De Liefste has an open door policy at the beginning and end of every day. De Liefste works with this policy because the application of this vison has a positive effect on  the social and emotional development of the children. The children get used to the different group leaders therefore when the group leader of a child gets sick or goes on vacation, the child will be looked after by a familiar face so leaving your child at the day care in the morning will be less difficult for them.


This open door policy means that subgroups will be grouped together in the morning from 7.30 to 8.30 and in the evenings between 17.30 and 18.30. The group in which the child is officially placed, is called the stamgroep (subgroup). The children from two separate subgroups will be placed together as one group in the mornings and evenings. This group is consistent with the same children and forms daily from 7.30 to 8.30am and in the evening from 17.30 to 18.30pm.

At 8.30 the group is divided into the two subgroups depending on the ratio of children to group leaders. After this every group leader takes their group of children to their own separate area. At the end of the day at 17.30 the groups are brought together so that all the children and group leaders are in one large group where the children can easily be fetched by their parents.


The open door policy also means that twice a month the children have the opportunity to choose from  the different activities offered by the groups. The children can choose which activity they want to do and can therefore broaden their horizon. The group leaders will stimulate and encourage the children to explore more options. After an hour everyone will go back to their own group and will continue to follow their daily schedule. For the baby groups, a decision is made by the group leaders concerning whether or not the group will be able to join in depending on whether the activities are too stressful/hectic for the children. This is mainly the case when there are a lot of young babies present within the group. If you want to know more information about the open door policy, feel free to contact us. 

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